What makes us the best in business

We put you first… Thats it. Others will try there hardest to create their perfect image. We want to create yours! Whether that means documenting your perfect day or getting the perfect shot for you. Its your choice!

We’re also human.. Some of our competitors seam to see clients as numbers. Thats just not us. We want to create an everlasting relationship.

Our team is dedicated to go above and beyond. We will become your friends and really capture who you are through our work!

The Team

Eric Creech

Eric’s upbringing instilled in him the profound value of family, a sentiment that grew even stronger after the loss of his grandparents and younger sister. These losses taught him that time on Earth is precious and fleeting. While he hasn’t invented a time machine, Eric has discovered a way to help people relive special moments through videos and photos. These visuals are not just for showcasing big events; they also serve as a way to preserve memories of loved ones who may not be with us in the future. Eric’s mission is to provide others with the chance to revisit those treasured moments, offering comfort and lasting connections in a world where time is unforgiving.

Abigail Yerkes

Abby’s perception of love shifted dramatically when Eric entered her life, revealing its true beauty.Now, she treasures the warmth, devotion, and sentimentality it brings. Abby’s photography focuses on capturing the genuine love moments between couples, sharing their heartfelt devotion with the world.

Cole Boucher

Cole is a true believer in Soul Mates! He will spend hours learning everything he can about how you met, who you are, and how you just so happened to find each other.  Whether it’s a small elopement or a grand wedding, Cole knows just how special every love story is! He understands, the true magic is in the story and properly telling it!

James Lathrop

As a trained storyteller and visual artist, James brings a unique approach to his art. Pulling inspiration from films and paintings, he builds eye-catching colorful scenes. A photographer as long as he could remember and a pro in the industry with 13 years of couples captured. James lives with his wife Paige and their cat Ziggy in Omaha, Nebraska.


A&Es Vision Lovebound Media Wedding

Erin & Ryan

“I can’t properly express with words how wonderful working with Abby and Eric was! They flawlessly captured our wedding. Watching the video or looking at the pictures takes us back to the day and we are so grateful for those memories. Abby and Eric were so accommodating and were able to capture every aspect of the wedding I hoped for. I could not have asked for a better team on my wedding day!”

Ben Baker

“Let me just start off by saying, Eric and Abby saved us so much stress with our wedding and were a blast to work with.”

Lexi Heddens

“Eric and Abby were great! When they showed up the day of our wedding, it was a sigh of relief to have them there. They took care of EVERYTHING photo and video related, told us exactly how to pose, were super friendly and professional! They were even prepared with multiple batteries in case their cameras were low on battery. We felt very loved and cared for by them and would recommend them for your photography needs!!”

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